SPL160 History


160.0 SPL
In a market survey conducted by Burmek, the need for smaller roof truss machine with a lower degree of automation was obvious. This was the reason why Burmek developed a new compact system with a saw and a milling unit in 1992. The machine was equipped with a new positioning gripper with the possibility to process several work pieces simultaneously. The design of the system allowed a high production capacity, despite its simplicity. The machining area could be equipped with units according to the customer’s request, for example extra recessing units or tenon cutters.

160.1 SPL
The machine was upgraded in 1994 with a PC-PLC control system, similar to the SPL 270-4.

160.2 SPL
In late 1994 the saw inclination was upgraded with axis controlled movement and the positioning gripper unit was reworked. The software was also upgraded with new functionality.
The machining area was enclosed with a capsulation reducing the noise from the machining units but also raising the operator safety standard. The saw unit was also improved regarding operator safety.
The gripper unit could also be ordered with a servo controlled axis for a higher level of accuracy.

SPL180 / KA 180
In 1999 a new control system with a modern PLC and a PC program for 32-bit-operating system was developed. The basic construction is the same as for the SPL 160.2, but improved with a higher degree of automation and fully axis controlled Milling unit.

In 2005, a new PC-program was developed for 32-bit OS like Windows XP or W7. It is offered in a package to upgrade SPL160.1 SPL160.2 and machines. The package consists of a new control desk with computer, screen, buttons and switches.